Fluxion's sequencing assays provide ultra-sensitivity mutation detection from cell-free DNA and CTCs

Looking for ultra-sensitive mutation profiling of solid tumor from an NGS liquid biopsy? Fluxion has you covered with high sensitivity workflows for CTCs and cell-free DNA (cfDNA). Fluxion's systems and kits include sample prep, sequencing panels, and variant calling. 

  • Flexible: Best-in-class NGS mutation detection from CTCs and cfDNA
  • Powerful: ERASE-Seq and the Spotlight 59 Oncology Panel enable mutation detection to 0.1% allele frequency and below, with unmatched specificity- ideal for cfDNA and CTC samples
  • Complete: Spotlight 59 Oncology Panel provides ultra-sensitive detection from IsoFlux CTC and cfDNA samples; compatible with Illumina sequencers; variant calling included with kit purchase

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