Spotlight 59™  Oncology Panel - Ultra-sensitive somatic mutation detection from liquid biopsy samples

Designed specifically for detection of mutations from liquid biopsy samples, the Spotlight 59 Oncology Panel is a turnkey solution for Illumina sequencers, offering ultra-sensitive variant detection from low input quantities of DNA. The high sensitivity of Spotlight 59 makes it ideal for CTCs, cfDNA, and other challenging sample types such as FFPE. Incorporating ERASE-Seq, Fluxion’s statistically powered variant caller, Spotlight 59 delivers unrivaled sensitivity in liquid biopsies.

  • Detection to <0.05% allele frequency

  • Average specificity >99.999%

  • Covers 59 oncogenes with thousands of COSMIC mutations

  • Ready-to-sequence libraries in just 2 hours

  • Starting input quantities as low as 200 cells (including background cells), or 20 ng DNA

  • Average amplicon size of 140 bp for compatibility with cfDNA and FFPE

  • No molecular barcodes (unique molecular IDs) required; increases sensitivity, reduces bias and assay complexity

  • ERASE-Seq data analysis included with kit purchase

Custom Panel Development

Fluxion offers customized Spotlight Panels optimized to enable fast, comprehensive targeted sequencing. Leveraging a combination of unique design and chemistry, custom Spotlight Panels produce overlapping (tiled) amplicons in a single-tube using a rapid 2-hour workflow.

Combined with ERASE-Seq bioinformatics, this unique approach provides a powerful solution for detecting ultra-low frequency somatic mutations using low input DNA from challenging samples types such ctDNA. A fast and easy single-tube workflow produces the best-in-class performance for on-target percentage and coverage uniformity, enabling low frequency variant discovery and confirmation. To get started with a custom Spotlight panel, fill out the custom panel design template and submit to