IsoFlux delivers a range of research possibilities

Our customers are performing amazing research with the IsoFlux System. Explore a few examples and relevant publications:

Single Cell Analysis

The IsoFlux system can be used to enrich CTCs that can then be recovered individually using manual or automated  picking. Cells can be selected based on morphology, staining or magnetic bead presence


Cells are maintained as viable throughout the process and can be cultured after enrichment

Protein detection

The IsoFlux enumeration workflow can be used to detect not only presence of CTCs, but whether those CTCs contain specific protein markers such as AR-V7

FISH, PCR, ddPCR, etc.

Numerous analytical methods can be employed to detect the presence of chromosome, DNA, and RNA markers. Publications below demonstrate complete workflows with a variety of ddPCR, FISH, and PCR workflows.

Rare stem cells, fetal cells, immune cells, etc.

Fluxion offers rare cell enrichment kits that allow custom antibody conjugation, enabling isolation and enrichment of any rare cell type. Examples include minimal residual disease testing for leukemia, stem cell isoation, maternal fetal cell enrichment for NIPT, rare immune cells, and many others.