ERASE-Seq Cloud-Based Analysis: Instructions for Use


The ERASE-Seq cloud based analysis has been designed for the ultra-sensitive detection of variants present in liquid biopsy samples, including CTCs and ctDNA. It is needed for the analysis of data generated using the Spotlight 59 Oncology Panel or other validated panes (e.g., TruSight Tumor 15, Swift 56G). Please contact for instructions on how to apply the analysis pipeline to data generated using other panels.

The ERASE-Seq Cloud-based analysis is for Research Use Only.


ERASE-Seq is a computational pipeline designed to work with Spotlight 59 data. After customer registration, secure storage containers are provided for fastq data upload, and, after analysis completion, for results file download.

The computation is performed in a secure and HIPAA-compliant cloud-based analysis system. The ERASE-Seq caller relies on a large number of healthy normal controls that establishes background error rates at each position in the Spotlight 59 panel. Values from sample sequencing runs are compared by the caller to the background error map values, eliminating both recurring artifacts and stochastic errors.

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