Spotlight 59 Oncology Panel Data Sheet

  • Comprehensive and hotspot coverage of 59 oncology-related genes
  • Detection to 0.1% allele frequency
  • No false positives across 27.5kb panel (average specificity >99.999%)
  • Turnkey solution for library generation in a single kit, including sequencing adapters and sample indexes
  • Ready-to-sequence libraries in just 2 hours
  • Starting input quantities as low as 200 cells (using IsoFlux NGS kit with WGA), or 20 ng DNA
  • Average amplicon size of 140 bp for compatibility with cfDNA and FFPE
  • ERASE-Seq variant calling included with kit purchase
  • No MID (molecular IDs) required; increases sensitivity, reduces bias and assay complexity
  • Validated on Illumina MiniSeq®, MiSeq®, and HiSeq®