Validation of IsoFlux System by Bayer AG (ACTC 2012)


The future of cancer therapy will be characterized by molecular analysis of the patients tumor followed by the decision for the right drug targeting the individual properties of the tumor. However, obtaining tumor tissue is challenging and alternative tumor sources are needed. Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) may represent an attractive alternative as a “liquid biopsy” providing real-time information about the patient’s current disease state by a routine blood draw. But capturing these rare cells from whole blood is a major challenge that still needs significant improvement. Here we present preliminary data of an ongoing study comparing different CTC capturing technologies. For optimal comparison, CTC preparations from the same patient were used. The required high amounts of sample aliquots and CTCs were obtained by leukapheresis. Breast and pancreatic cancer patients (non- and metastatic) were enrolled. At two sites today’s standard, the CellSearch® system by Veridex was performed and compared with another antigen-based method and an approach depending on electrophysiological properties. Downstream analysis of the isolated CTCs was performed at Prometheus Laboratories using their sensitive CEERTM platform.