IsoFlux Enhanced CTC Kit | EpCAM + EGFR Isolation: Data Sheet


The IsoFlux Enhanced Circulating Tumor Cell Enrichment Kit (Enhanced CTC Kit) is a complete reagent kit for isolation of CTCs from biological samples (whole blood, fractionated blood, ascites, etc.). It incorporates the IsoFlux microfluidic cartridges for high sensitivity immuno-magnetic enrichment. To improve CTC recovery, this kit employs two types of magnetic beads. Type one, pre-conjugated with anti-EpCAM antibodies for recovery of tumor cells of epithelial origin and type two, ready to be conjugated with anti-EGFR antibodies (included) in order to enhance CTC recovery for certain cancer type. Use of this kit is recommended for NGS analysis of the recovered CTCs. For use instructions see “Enhanced CTC Enrichment Kit IFU”, document P/N 630-0142.