IsoFluxTM EMT Enrichment Kit | EMT markers + EpCAM + EGFR: Data Sheet


The IsoFlux Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transitions Circulating Tumor Cell Enrichment Kit (EMT Enrichment Kit) is a complete reagent kit for isola<on of CTCs from biological samples (whole blood, frac<onated blood, ascites, etc.). It incorporates the IsoFlux microfluidic cartridges for high sensi<vity immuno-magne<c enrichment. Our most comprehensive an<body kit, in includes beads conjugates with four different an<bodies, targe<ng both epithelial and mesenchymal markers. The an<body types are as follows: an<-EpCAM and an<-EGFR an<bodies for recovery of tumor cells of epithelial origin and type two, ready to be conjugated with an<-EGFR an<bodies (included) in order to enhance CTC recovery for certain cancer type. Use of this kit is recommended for NGS analysis of the recovered CTCs. For use instruc<ons see “EMT Enrichment Kit IFU”, document P/N 630-0140.