Single-cell analysis of circulating tumor cells using the IsoFlux System


  • Single-cell analysis of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) helps examine tumor heterogeneity, most notably in the cells linked to metastatic spread of the disease.
  • This application note presents validation data for two different single cell analysis approaches following CTC enrichment with the IsoFlux System (Fluxion Biosciences): (1) using manual pipette-based single-cell selection, and (2) using the CellCelector instrument (Automated Lab Solutions) – an automated platform for imaging and isolating single cells.
  • Single-cell selection is followed by molecular analysis. The success rate is determined by detecting a known SNP mutation in spiked cancer cells after cell lysis, whole genome amplification (WGA), and qPCR analysis.
  • The IsoFlux System provides the necessary level of CTC enrichment to enable efficient single-cell selection and molecular analysis.