Isolation and culturing of viable tumor cells using the IsoFlux™ System


• Many downstream analytical methods for circulating tumor cells (CTCs) depend on isolation of sufficient quantities of viable tumor cells.

• Culturing of CTCs can provide insight into the functional behaviour of tumor cells, as well as serve as a platform for creating pure cell populations for further genomic analysis.

• Limited data has been shown for culturing of CTCs either directly from the patient, or following enrichment with a dedicated instrument.

• The IsoFlux System is an immunomagnetic enrichment device that uses no fixation, leaving the cells viable post-enrichment. 

• Feasibility is demonstrated for culturing of tumor cells after enrichment with the IsoFlux System. Model experiments are shown using tumor cell lines spiked into healthy donor blood.

• A protocol is described for labeling proliferating cells and distinguishing them from background leukocytes.