IsoFlux Rare Cell Enrichment Kit (Streptavidin)


The intended use for the IsoFlux™ Rare Cell Enrichment Kit (Streptavidin) (RCE Kit) is as a general-purpose laboratory reagent for the enrichment of rare cells in the blood circulation. The kit is used with the IsoFlux System, a benchtop instrument for semiautomated cell isolation. The kit contains an immunomagnetic bead reagent functionalized with streptavidin. It will bind biotin-labeled antibodies and other similar molecules (all referred to as biotinylated antibodies in the following text). The RCE kit is for Research Use Only. 


Many rare cell types of scientific and clinical interest exist in the peripheral blood circulation. These include circulating tumor cells (CTCs), cancer stem cells, immune cells, and circulating endothelial cells. In many cases, these cells can be preferentially enriched from the background cells using differentially expressed cell-surface antigens. The IsoFlux RCE Kit is designed to standardize and automate the enrichment of rare cells from biological samples using the IsoFlux System. Cells are positively isolated from the sample using an immunomagnetic capture reagent while the sample flows through a microfluidic cartridge designed for cell isolation. The kit produces an enriched cell pellet that can subsequently be used for further testing.