IsoFlux NGS DNA Kit: Instructions for Use


The IsoFlux NGS DNA Kit is intended to be used with the IsoFlux System, a benchtop instrument for semi-automated cell isolations, and one of the IsoFlux enrichment kits. Following enrichment of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) or other rare cells from blood samples, the NGS DNA Kit further enhances the purity of target cells and performs whole genome amplification (WGA), hence generating DNA samples amenable to Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS). The IsoFlux System and associated products are intended for research applications only.


The IsoFlux NGS DNA Kit workflow has two components: purity enhancement and whole genome amplification (WGA). The purity enhancement column and reagents deplete contaminating leukocytes from the magnetic bead pellet following a standard IsoFlux enrichment procedure, enabling high target cell purity that is required by NGS analysis. The WGA reagents are then used to perform amplification of whole genomic DNA (gDNA). The amplified gDNA at a typical concentration of ~100 ng/µL is ready to be used directly in NGS without purification.