Ultra Sensitive Sequencing for Liquid Biopsy Samples


Cristian Ionescu-Zanetti, PhD
Chief Technology Officer
Drew McUsic, PhD
Application Scientist, Swift Biosciences


Designed specifically for detection of mutations from liquid biopsy samples, Fluxion’s new Spotlight™ 59 Oncology Panel is a turnkey solution for use with Illumina sequencers. The high sensitivity of Spotlight™ 59 makes it ideal for CTCs, cfDNA, and other challenging sample types such as FFPE. Combined with ERASE-Seq, Fluxion’s statistically powered variant caller, Spotlight 59 delivers 100% specificity at 0.1% allele frequency detection.
The webinar covers: 
- Challenges in sensitive NGS detection with liquid biopsy samples
- Sources of sequencing error
- Spotlight 59 panel chemistry
- Spotlight 59 Workflow
- Novel ERASE-Seq methodology
- Data analysis workflow
- Spotlight 59 panel performance on analytical and clinical samples

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