IsoFlux System The next generation of CTC analysis is here


Cristian Ionescu-Zanetti, PhD
Chief Technology Officer



Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) have demonstrated tremendous potential to deliver patient-specific data that is clinically-actionable. Yet their adoption as a sample format has been slowed by the inability to recover these cells in a reliable format compatible with downstream molecular analysis. The IsoFlux System was developed by Fluxion to deliver CTCs in the optimal format for downstream molecular analysis: high recovery, high viability, minimal background, and minimal dilution (20uL). 
In this webinar, you’ll hear from the technology’s inventor, Dr. Cristian Ionescu-Zanetti, who will cover:

  • The role IsoFlux is playing to bring CTCs to the clinic
  • How the technology enables superior CTC recovery and sample format
  • A review of the clinical and analytical validation
  • Why the benchtop design and easy workflow makes it compatible with existing downstream assays
  • How you can get started with using the IsoFlux System
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