Bench-top solution for high sensitivity CTC enrichment and recovery from blood samples

IsoFlux System

P/N 950-0100

Based on Fluxion's patented microfluidics, the IsoFlux System combines the power of antibody-based magnetic bead separations with the precision of flow cytometry. The IsoFlux System's superior performance is proven daily in labs around the world, setting standards for CTC isolation efficiency, purity, and ease of use.

  • Validated using thousands of samples across key solid tumor types, including lung, colorectal, breast, prostate, pancreatic, kidney, liver, bladder, etc.
  • Designed to recover CTCs even during early-stage disease
  • Complete solutions for enumeration and NGS
  • Multiple kits available: EpCAM, EpCAM/EGFR, EpCAM/EGFR/Mesenchymal, and user-defined

IsoFlux CTC Enrichment Kits

Industry-leading sensitivity and specificity; designed specifically for use with the IsoFlux system

Enhanced CTC Kit, 8 pack (EpCAM/EGFR)
P/N: 910-0108
Validated for most applications, and recommended for the high purity NGS workflow. Recovery based on EpCAM and EGFR. 

CTC Enrichment Kit, 8 pack (EpCAM)
P/N: 910-0091
Validated for high sensitivity recovery of CTCs. Recovery based on EpCAM antigen presence. 

EMT Enrichment Kit , 8 pack (EpCAM/EGFR/Mesenchymal)
P/N: 910-0106
Validated to recover both epithelial and mesenchymal cell types, this is the most comprehensive set of recovery markers.  Four different markers are used, including two mesenchymal markers, EpCAM and EGFR

Rare Cell Enrichment Kit, 8 Pack (User-customized)
P/N 910-0092
The RCE kit was designed with maximum flexibility in mind. The magnetic bead surface is coated with pan-mouse IgG molecules, allowing users to couple their own antibodies to the beads for targeted cell capture.

IsoFlux CTC NGS Prep Kit

Designed for processing of IsoFlux CTC samples, the NGS Prep Kit prepares the recovered CTCs for genomic analysis. The kit contains purity enhancement columns and WGA reagents, producing DNA ready for NGS library prep or PCR. Used in conjunction with Fluxion’s Spotlight 59 Oncology Panel, the NGS Prep Kit creates a complete sample-to-answer assay for high-sensitivity mutation detection of solid tumor cancers from CTCs. 

  • Purity enhancement to 5-25% tumor DNA content increases NGS detection sensitivity
  • Includes all reagents for enrichment, lysis, and whole-genome amplification
  • Generates sufficient DNA for multiple NGS runs, with a starting sample as small as 200 cells (including CTCs and background)