WEBINAR- 4 ways to implement NGS liquid biopsies- without UMIs
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WEBINAR- 4 ways to implement NGS liquid biopsies- without UMIs

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Cristian Ionescu-Zanetti, PhD
Co-founder and CTO

Low signal-to-noise samples such as cfDNA-based liquid biopsies require improvements in sensitivity and specificity to provide the level of performance required for clinical utility. A common solution is the use of unique molecular identifiers (UMIs) to track individual molecules being amplified, but UMIs have their own limitations when used with real-world blood samples with low DNA inputs.

This webinar will introduce ERASE-Seq, a novel approach to accurate calling for ultra-low MAF variants that does not require the use of UMIs. The webinar will cover the following topics:

  • The cfDNA analytical challenge- how low do we need to go to achieve traditional biopsy sensitivity?

  • Sources of error in liquid biopsy variant calling

  • Approaches to ultra-low MAF detection - LoFreq, UMIs, etc.

  • ERASE-Seq variant calling using Molecular Amplification Pools (MAPs) without UMIs

  • Adaption of ERASE-Seq to existing and custom panels

  • How to access and run the ERASE-Seq caller application via a free trial

The following case studies will be presented:

  • Applying ERASE-Seq to existing datasets

  • Implementing ERASE-Seq with or without MAPs to an existing panel

  • Applying ERASE-Seq to existing pre-validated NGS panels

  • Development and validation of a new NGS panel

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Molecular Medicine Tri-Con
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Molecular Medicine Tri-Con

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Interested in learning more about IsoFlux, Spotlight 59, or ERASE-Seq? Stop by the booth or contact info@fluxionbio.com to set up a meeting. We will also present two exciting posters on ultra-sensitive liquid biopsy NGS with collaborators from LSU Health Center and Clinical Hospital Lyon.

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