Sample-to-answer solution for CTC enumeration and protein marker detection

Cytation Imager
P/N 930-0375

Coupled with the IsoFlux CTC system, the Cytation Imager delivers a complete workflow for CTC enumeration. The Cytation Imager reduces the time required for cell imaging and enumeration by at least 3x compared to standard microscopy, and is easy to use for all skill levels

  • Software comes pre-configured for CTC image acquisition using the IsoFlux CTC Enumeration Kit
  • Performs scanning and identification of likely CTCs in less than 10 minutes per sample
  • Reduces the overall time required per sample compared to standard microscopy by 3X
  • Fully featured: Automated XY stage, auto capture, and objectives
  • Includes protocols for the automated identification of likely CTCs
  • Available fourth fluorescent channel for additional protein marker detection (e.g., AR-V7, etc.)

IsoFlux Enumeration Kit

IsoFlux Circulating Tumor Cell Enumeration Kit
P/N 910-0093
Reagent and antibody kit for enumeration of CTCs in IsoFlux Samples using immunofluorescence. CTCs are defined as CK+, CD45-, and nucleated intact cells. Contains enough reagent to stain 200 IsoFlux samples or more depending on usage habits.